First blog post

I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog back in January. I read some blogs on Pinterest and the whole thing seemed like this grand endeavor! I had an infant and it seemed like a lot to undertake at the time. But when my brother and sister-in-law started their blog and I saw how easy WordPress made it, I jumped onboard!

So here I am starting a blog… Which to me means it’s like a journal that sometimes others (or no one) will read. Maybe my journey will help someone else… if not it’s a great outlet for me!

I love to be creative. So I will blog about projects and crafts I am working on. I love cooking and eating! In April, I stated on a new health adventure with an integrative and functional medial practice. I am changing some of the things I eat and healing my body with food! So I may be posting some of the meals/snack I have created or tested!

Just like anyone, I get stressed out and burdened with life sometimes. My goal is to think positive and rejoice in all circumstances. But I also want to be real.

So this is the start of that adventure! I’m excited to see what’s next!


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