A New Diet

On Thursday morning, I got the call from Dr. D. Our sweet little Cakey is allergic and or sensitive to a lot of the foods we eat and consider to be healthy! Foods like: almonds, sweet potato, coconut, eggs, avocado, flax, yogurt! As well as foods we already avoid like dairy, gluten, cane sugar and casein.

Dr. D gave us a game plan to help heal Cakey’s gut and to remove her food triggers from both our diets (since Cakey is breastfed) for probably 6 months!

I spent most of Thursday in shock and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I knew there had to be food allergies; I just never suspected coconuts! I had already planned to make a healthful birthday “cake” for Cakey’s first birthday, but those plans included coconut. I messaged a few family members to update them on the new developments… some supportive and some unsupportive… Then I headed off to work.

It was a rough day, but I managed to get through it without crying (even though I wanted to). I didn’t sleep very well and neither did Cakey. I kept dreaming about the allergy chart and coconuts!

After lots of praying, I had a plan…. shopping!

So after a trip to Walmart at 7:00 AM for some rice milk (so so thankful for no rice allergy!) we had our usual green smoothies and toast for breakfast. I whipped up some walnut butter, with a touch of raw honey, in my (amazing) food processor and we spread that on our toast!

At 10, I had a wonderful and helpful discussion with my health coach. An appointment that was scheduled a month ago… Isn’t that just like Jesus?!? He knows just what I need!

When moments like this happen, I always harken back to that scene from LOTR where Frodo comments to Gandalf about his being late, to which Gandalf replies, “a wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.”

God is always on time!

We are back home now, after our successful shopping venture to Whole Foods. We have alternatives for coconut oil! I purchased a few other items for frosting “experiements” that I will test out sometime this crazy, busy weekend. I am determined that Cakey will at least have a decent tasting first birthday cake, even if it doesn’t look it.


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